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A. Lovell Elliott
Autograph Dealer

If you're an autograph dealer or have been a collector for long, you know of our thirty-year reputation. We have always maintained a representative stock in most major areas of collecting. For example, we have always offered something of every U.S. president. We now have presidential items ranging in price from $95 to $38,000.

For more information, simply call 508-362-2334 and tell us your interests or drop us a list of those names in whom you are interested. Please don't bother requesting a catalog... we've never done one, as our stock turns over too quickly to make this practical. However, it's also one of the reasons for our lower prices.

Email me at: lovelliott@verizon.net

or write via US Mail to:

A. Lovell Elliott Autographs
93 Harris Meadows Lane
Barnstable MA 02630